New home for – best grammar bot for Telegram

Gienji Bot has found a new home! If you’re a Telegram user who values impeccable grammar and communication, you’ll want to check out our revamped bot. We’ve migrated to, where you can learn about new enhanced features and capabilities.

What’s New?

  1. Voice Messages, Anyone? 🎙️
    • Yep, you heard it right! Now you can chat with Gienji Bot using voice messages. Just type /voicegpt and let the words flow. It’s like having a wise friend who listens and answers what is exactly needed!
  2. Contextual Memory FTW!
    • Gienji Bot remembers stuff. Seriously! Whether you’re in /chatgpt mode or rocking the /voicegpt vibe, context sticks around. And if you want a clean slate, hit up /clear.
  3. Transcribe Magic 🎤🔮
    • Got spoken content? Need it in text form? Say hello to /transcribe. Gienji Bot will work its magic and turn voice, audio, and video messages into sweet, sweet text.
  4. Group-Friendly Mode: Gienji Bot in the Hustle
    Busy groups? No sweat! Gienji Bot knows when to step in. It’s like having a helpful grammar ninja—pops up only when necessary. 🎩🔥

Why Choose Gienji Bot?

Grammar Tool Alternative: Say goodbye to expensive grammar tools. Gienji Bot offers top-notch grammar correction at an affordable price.

User-Friendly: Our interface is simple and intuitive—no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Versatile: Beyond grammar, Gienji Bot serves multiple purposes, making it a valuable addition to your Telegram experience.

Visit today and elevate your communication game with Gienji Bot! 🚀📚

Disclaimer: Gienji Bot is not affiliated with Grammarly, but we’re confident it’s a worthy alternative!